Regarding on-site solutions, Traterme offers a wide range of engineering services:

Firstly, heat treatment, using electrical resistance, induction and gas technology. We are currently the Portuguese market leader in providing this service;

Secondly, the solutions for temporary furnaces, executed according to the needs of each project, by highly qualified technicians;

Thirdly and as a result of a clear focus on supplying engineering services, Traterme provides an innovative service for the on-site maintenance area, solving problems of corrosion (indoors/ outdoors) or leaks, by applying composite materials. This service jointly provided with 3X Engineering promotes a service of high accuracy and properly certified under ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 standards.

In addition to providing these services, Traterme has developed several partnerships in various technologies. We highlight the German company worldwide recognised, Weldotherm GmbH, in the area of portable equipment for heat treatment, GH INDUCTION, in equipment with the use of inductive heating and HOTFOIL EHS, an American company, leader in gas burners.

The company has also developed a Consultancy & Training Department taking advantage of the existing ties with well-known entities, aiming at achieving Traterme's mission - share Knowledge.

The focus on internationalisation, which began a few years ago by performing heat treatment services in markets such as Spain, France and Angola, led to the creation, in August 2019, of Traterme - Heat Treaments SARL, based in Morocco and whose mission is to serve the Moroccan market and simultaneously approach other African markets, such as Congo Brazzaville, Mozambique among others

Traterme was founded in 1991, focusing on performing thermal and thermochemical treatments and aiming at filling a gap in the market.

Nowadays, the company has a wide range of solutions and technologies for several market fields, as well as a team with high technical training and a real passion for their job. Our customers come from various sectors such as the automotive, naval, chemical, paper, energy (thermoelectric, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and wind), oil, petrochemical and gas.

The company based in Maia, Portugal, has in its manufacturing unit nine heat treatment furnaces with different capacities and focused on doing specific tasks as well as a laboratory with the necessary equipment to perform customers’ requested tests.

Traterme also provides welding services, with emphasis on the recovery of parts of various materials: cast iron, steel, aluminium, etc. Our certified welders are capable of responding to the constant market demands. The metallurgical and welding engineering office provides the basis for and validates all the executed work. We develop and perform from the simplest to the most complex welding projects. The connection to the heat treatment process and to the non-destructive tests accomplished in-house promotes a complete articulation of the whole process.