In a strongly globalized world at a technological level people will make a difference in organizations.

People are our greatest asset! They are the ones who transform knowledge into value.

Traterme believes that people's knowledge is the main innovation factor.To ensure and complete the sphere of theoretical and practical knowledge there is a clear focus on the training and loyalty binomial. This focus on the expansion of skills allows the development of a win-win relationship, in which both the people and the company gain know-how, which is reflected in a professional service of high quality and added value for the client.

In order to obtain the competences referred to above, Traterme has developed close relationships with Universities and Professional Training Centres that allow internships to be carried out as well as training programmes of high technical and organisational value to be implemented.

With this company-school spirit, connected with the high loyalty of its employees, Traterme participates in a constant search for innovation and excellence, having become a company with high capacity, technical and organizational employees on duty of its business partners.

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