Believing in a global service with local operations, the on-site services go far beyond the thermal treatments. Our teams are trained to meet and exceed the highest regulatory requirements and qualified for all heat treatment and sealing services from industrial piping, ESP, maintenance operations, shipbuilding, couplings, drying, among several others.

The following services, which can be performed by electrical resistance, induction or gas, are part of this offer

  • Pre-heating
  • Post-heating
  • Stress relieving / PWHT
  • Normalising
  • Hydrogen Bakeout
  • Shrink-fitting

Temporary Furnaces

We also provide temporary furnace solutions that can be made to measure, using modular panels, which are installed, in a simple way, according to each client's project. The heat treatment of large components can be carried out in a temporary modular furnace or, in several situations, the component itself can be used as an “furnace” being thermally insulated from the outside and heated from the inside.

The heat treatment is carried out using high velocity gas burners (propane or natural gas), with temperature controllers that ensure high precision throughout the process.

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