Traterme believes that its smooth and sustainable social development is only possible by having hygiene, health and safety at work as a priority. Therefore, it is vital to raise all the co-worker’s awareness in this field, in order to reduce the risk and subsequently the number of work accidents, and to lower the social and economic costs resulting from accidents that have occurred. In this sense, the company has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Aware of the training importance in these areas, we provide our co-workers with the VCA - Green Card and the Portuguese Safety Passport®. This is the basic training of their activity warning them immediately about the benefits / risks inherent to their actions as responsible co-workers.

Safety is a priority. This way, the technical teams performance is always developed with care and diligence to ensure the work execution with complete accuracy and professionalism, following all recommendations of occupational health and safety of customers, cooperating and suggesting when applying and developing good practices.