Since they are founded all companies, with the most or the least relevance, induce environmental impacts resulting from their operations. Traterme, by its very nature, has a reduced ability to cause environmental impacts. Since its foundation the company has transversally undertaken its social responsibility. It systematically recognizes and controls environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts, identifies hazards and risks to the employees’ health. As a management policy based on the high sense of responsibility regarding the life quality of the new generations, Traterme has enforced a quality, environment and occupational health and safety Management System.

With the main drivers of environmental and social management Traterme applies the following principles and good practices: 

  • Environmental, safety and social concern at the outset of our services and processes development;
  • Continuous Improvement:
  • Reduce and enhance our services and processes quality in order to decrease waste;
  • Maintain and continuously enhance an environmental management system, minimizing harmful environmental aspects and impacts, keeping a continuous monitoring of best practices;
  • Maintain and continuously enhance a occupational health and safety management system, minimizing hazards and controlling risks.

Commitment towards the Law - Respect the law in general, the environmental, labour, and safety in particular, seeking to exceed the established standards;

Service with Environmental Quality - Act jointly with our suppliers, guiding them and establishing criteria for a better environmental quality when providing their services;

Waste Management - Promote alternatives to prevent pollution and reduce, reuse, recycle as well as correctly route the generated waste, establishing commercial relationships with entities specialized in waste collection and treatment;

Natural Resources - Manage the use of necessary natural resources, deploying them rationally concerning scarcity/prosperity and the transformation impact, recovery or effect at the end destination;

Awareness - Train and motivate our co-workers and other partners so that they acquire a respectful attitude towards the environment, safety and society, using appropriate attitudes and procedures when performing their operations.


Traterme was awarded wtih the Galp ProEnergy distinction for its good energy management and efficiency practices.