Traterme initially specialized in heat treatment. This was the business unit that started the company, and it was fundamental to Traterme’s current situation, providing a wide range of heat treatment and thermochemical services.

Combining high technology equipment with highly qualified technicians, we provide a service of high technical accuracy at a competitive price.

Each technician has a skilled profile, not only in the heat treatment area and in the related technologies (electrical resistance, induction or gas) but also in the adjoining areas of their work. Metallurgy, welding, hygiene and safety non-destructive testing, and electricity are some of the associated strengths to the Traterme Capability Profile. This skills profile is based on the EWF standard - Personnel with the responsibility for heat treatment of welded joints, as well as the EN ISO 17663 - Quality requirements for heat treatment in connection with welding and allied processes.

All projects are supervised by a metallurgical and welding engineers’ team, who ensure the best approach for each specific job.

A solid relationship with the market has been built during the company's almost 30 years-activity. Thus, Traterme is a reliable company in the several sectors it operates in.

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